PVR Recorders

A PVR is a set top box with a built-in hard drive. Many PVRs on the market have two or more digital TV tuners built in, allowing you to watch one channel while recording another. Or, even better, watch a recorded show and skip the adverts whilst recording two or more shows at the same time.

Computer Solutions

By connecting a TV tuner to your PC, Mac or NAS, you'll open up a new way of watching TV. Surf the web and enjoy watching digital TV at the same time.


Our team is constantly on the lookout for the ideal networking products to enhance your time-shifting TV experience. If you are looking for an accessory to help you with connectivity or improve your experience, look no further.

Other IceTV enabled products

The IceTV electronic program guide (EPG) also works with media center PCs, NASs, PVRs, tuner cards and other software not sold directly by IceTV.
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