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What is IceTV?

IceTV is the total smart recording solution. Using our app you can set recordings for all your TV shows and IceTV will manage them for you. You can set your TV recorder to record whatever you want, from wherever you are. All you need is internet access. Whether you're sitting in front of the TV, on a bus or on holiday overseas, with IceTV you simply choose your show and press "record". Then it's set forever. No more trawling through the TV guide to find it again. There's also a host of other neat tricks to help make sure you never miss a good show. We call this Smart Recording and it couldn't be any easier.

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Reliable Series Recordings makes you the hero

Ever missed the final episode of your favourite show? IceTV uses the most up-to-date programming information and is designed for TV Recorders. You won't miss a show even if it changes time slots, goes off air for six months or switches to a new channel. So you'll be the hero...

Best EPG in Oz - IceTV has changed the way we view TV forever! Great app that makes scheduling viewing a breeze.

Neil A

Great App - Works really well and love it when my series record automatically when a new season starts.

Balsam O
Reliable Series Recordings

Reliable Series Recordings
Reliable Series Recordings


ABC News

ABC News 24

Finding Dawn


Front Up


Movie: Never Let Me Go



The Late Late Show With James Corden


Guests - Kristen Stewart, Mark Ronson, Ben McKenzie


Family Guy


Livin' on a Prayer

Covert Affairs


Unseen Power of the Picket Fence


The Border


War on the Streets


ABC News 24

Louis Theroux


Law and Disorder in Lagos

Almost Human


Blood Brothers

Theatre Games Live



Prime Suspect


Stuck in the Middle with You


Family Guy


Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream

The Following




The Sex Show


Group Sex



ABC News 24

Quatermass And The Pit


Episode 2: The Ghosts

Reliable Series Recordings
Reliable Series Recordings
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Remote Recording Features

Manage all your TV recordings via the IceTV app and use your TV Recorder's remote control for playback. Our app makes recording easy by adding smart features to your TV Recorder.

Excellent app - Easy to use. Love being able to record tv shows on my TV from anywhere in the world.

Cherri S

The best I've found - Have tried a variety of EPG/program management options and none offer the breadth of options of IceTV. Would hate to live without it! (Now there's a first world dependency for sure!)


Smart Search

Trawling through a guide takes the fun out of watching TV. IceTV makes it easy to find what you want, view our recommendations and discover shows that are weeks away.

Can't go better than excellent - I've bought TV WEEK forever, but your app leaves it for dead.

Richard K

Smart Search

Reliable Series Recordings
Reliable Series Recordings
Reliable Series Recordings
Reliable Series Recordings

Program Recommendations

Ice Picks is our choice of recommended shows to watch during the week.You can set recordings directly from the app or via our emailed weekly recommendations.

Alternatively, check out the Most Popular shows as ranked by our customers.

Scroll the above screen up or down to see more shows.

Sick of ads?

Skip them with an IceTV-enabled TV recorder. All the TV recorders that work with IceTV have 30 second forward and back skip buttons so that you can click-click-click through those annoying ads in a flash.

Or treat yourself to our flagship product, Skippa, which furnishes AutoSkip™ technology and skips ads automatically. Click here to find out more.

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Easy Setup

Easy Setup

The IceTV app features an intuitive, easy to use interface. Simply enter your email address, create a password and choose your TV region. If you have a problem, we have a team of experts to help you 7 days a week.

IceTV - Simple, easy to use, intuitive and brilliant TV guide.

Ashley C

Solid App - Easy to use. Makes recording of my favourite programs a pleasure.

John F