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Beyonwiz T2

  • Free 3 month IceTV Trial subscription
  • Two HD TV tuners + 3rd USB HD Tuner allowing you to record 8 programs simultaneously from 3 TV networks
  • 8 programmable "Ad Skip" buttons to jump through the ads in a flash
  • Online media plug-ins YouTube and
  • Easy Playback Media Files via external USB hard drive, USB thumb drive or network (DLNA)
  • Stream to mobile devices supports iPhone / Android streaming apps
  • Numerous plug-ins are available to enhance your viewing experience
  • Ethernet Wired & WiFi network connectivity (sold separately)

IceTV requires an internet connection for your TV Recorder. An Ethernet-based (wired) connection is built-in but a WiFi (wireless) connection requires a USB dongle (sold separately).
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