Topfield Masterpiece HD PVR TRF-2400

The Topfield Masterpiece HD TV Recorder TRF-2400 is a great box from Topfield. It's equipped with a 500GB Hard Drive. It comes with direct access to Youtube™, Flickr™, the latest Weather Forecasts and support for IceTV's TV Guide and IceTV Smart Recording features.
The Topfield Masterpiece HD offers a 'quad recording' feature, meaning you can record up to 4 shows at once, over 2 TV networks, while watching a 5th show on playback. For example, you can record ABC1, ABC2 at the same time as recording Ch7 and 7TWO.

Internet Options: A Wifi USB (Sold Separately) will allow you to easily connect with IceTV and your home WiFi network. Discover Internet and Network connectivity solutions under the Accessories tab.

    Icon for: Full HD (1080i) Icon for: 500GB hard drive Icon for: HDMI Icon for: 12 month manufacturers warranty Icon for: Variable skip Icon for: Twin Tuner Icon for: 2x USB Icon for: Wireless (WiFi) Icon for: Wired (Ethernet) Icon for: Other plug-ins: Flickr Icon for: Other plug-ins: YouTube

  • Fully DVB-T HD compliant
  • Twin High Definition Digital TV - Record 2 Channels and Playback Simultaneously
  • 250 hrs of SD recording (500GB Hard Drive)
  • Ad skip button
  • Pause & Rewind LIVE TV - All digital free-to-air (Freeview™) channels.
  • Access to Youtube™, Flickr™, Weather and Games


  • Ethernet (Wired) network connectivity
  • Wireless capable with the wireless USB (Sold Separately)
  • 2 x USB2.0 Connectivity for Fast Data Transfers

Video formats:

  • MPEG-4,H.264
  • Resolution: 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i

Other Features:

  • Support for Topfield Applications (TAP's)
  • Powerful Trick Mode (One Touch Recording, Time Recording, Time Shifting)
  • Favourite Service list editing
  • True-color On-Screen Display (OSD)
  • Subtitle supported (on Live channels and play back)
  • Coaxial & Optic S/PDIF for digital audio or Dolby AC-3 bit stream output
  • External Hard Drive storage supported by USB2.0 connectivity for file transfer (up to 1 Terabyte)
  • HDMI Digital Video Stream Output
  • Play MP3 music files

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Topfield Wireless USB Dongle

Get wireless connectivity for your Topfield PVR! No more messy cables!
  • Wireless with 802.11N/G/B bandwidth
  • High transfer data rate up to 150Mbps
  • Plug and play USB 2.0
  • Compatible models TRF2400, TRF2460, TF7100HDPlus, TRF2470, TRF7170 models
  • Not compatible with Topfield TRF7100 HD PVRT