Record Free-to-Air TV the smart way!

With IceTV and an IceBox PVR
(or make your own IceBox with a PC and our free software)
Never miss a good show again!

Now with IceTV AutoSkip to automatically skip commercials on the replay of a recording.

TV Viewing Controlled by you

IceTV together with an IceBox PVR makes finding and recording new and favourite shows simple! Watch at your leisure and keep them as long as you want.

So Easy

Using our smartphone app you’ll discover favourites and new shows you like, then easily set them to record on your IceBox at the press of a button. Wherever you are – at home, on a bus or even overseas. You’ll never miss that show again.

Recordings Done Properly

IceTV will manage your recording settings if a show’s airing time or a channel changes or a new season begin. We even change your timer conflicts for you if you run out of tuners, and we don’t record repeats of repeats.

No more missing a show because you weren't near the PVR!

Wherever you are - at home, in a cafe, on a bus or even overseas, our IceTV App allows you to control your TV recording from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

The Poor Alternative

What’s on and where is it? Go to the TV EPG, tiresomely scroll through it, what day was it on, what channel? It isn’t the best way to search for good TV. Maybe you weren’t even at home to remember to set a recording. Or simply forgot? So… Missed watching that good TV show again? Sick of the adverts?

Well not anymore!


Enjoy our bi-weekly recommended TV shows email and Recommendations section on our app with built-in buttons to set recordings straight away

Everything in one place

IceTV does it for you

"My Week" is your go-to place. With one press of the icon on the app you'll see a rolling 7 days of your recordings, favourite shows, keyword alerts, new series airings and our recommendations. All in one place. Simply choose and press record on any new ones you fancy.

Just some of the IceTV app's features...

Easy to read TV Guide

Quickly sort through channels and days

Quickly scroll to your shows, select a channel or day. Search the TV Guide, choose the show, press record, and it’s set for you.

Record your favourite topics!

Pick Genres, Actors, Series, Directors, even Language

Choose the Search icon and use the search term to set an automatic Keyword Recording, or a Keyword Favourite for an alert.

Find interesting new Shows

View our bi-weekly ‘IcePicks’ recommended and upcoming TV shows, watch a trailer, and set recordings directly from the app to your recorder!

See all upcoming New Series

Be alerted to all New Series airings, even listed as “Coming Soon” if the air date is unknown but you can still set them to record and they will, when they air.

Testimonials (and proof we try very hard!)

IceTV + an IceBox

The Perfect Match

Search, Discover, Record, Enjoy at your leisure!
IceTV will change the way you watch Free-to-Air TV.
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