What is IceTV?

IceTV is an advanced EPG designed to assist in the discovery and recording of FREE-To-AIR content to your PVR.

Designed with greater control and ease of use in mind, all of your program search and recording functions can be taken care of through the IceTV website, or the IceTV app for mobile devices and tablets – avoiding the use of outdated and awkward onscreen menu functions standard on most PVRs. IceTV stores all your TV recording instructions in its own cloud-based software so you’ll never have to rely on your recorder to remember what your recordings and preferences were, or will be in the future.

IceTV really will change the way you use your PVR forever.

Watch the video to see IceTV in action

Are you sick and tired of putting up with standard catch up TV services? Sitting through unavoidable ads, missing programs you simply didn’t know about or are no longer available. Well IceTV changes all that.

IceTV enables advanced control over recording Free-to-Air TV – creating your own personalised catch up TV experience.

That’s the power of IceTV.


Smart EPG

IceTV curates the most reliable Free-to-Air TV Guide for accurate program recording – whether it changes time slots, channels or its name.

Smart Recording

IceTV is the total smart recording solution. Intelligent program discovery tools help you find programs and our smart recording features, such as keyword recording and series recording, help you manage your recordings with a click of a button.

Keep in control,
no matter where you are

Access all of IceTV search and recording features from your smart phone or tablet using the IceTV app. Available for Android and iOS devices.

Simply awesome

Simple to use, awesome features. One App to control it all.

Our app was developed to make using IceTV simple and enjoyable, it’s free to download and opens up the full power of IceTV on a smart phone or tablet.

*Internet connection required

IceTV Entertainment Solutions

Everything you need to enjoy IceTV


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  • When I’m away, this allows me to record shows that I forgot to set before I left.

    Ian Childs
  • Great app IceTV... simply the best EPG/remote control for your PVR.

    Ian Scanlon
  • Great app from IceTV. Easy to use. Thought my Tivo was great, but the app coupled with my Humax PVR is a few notches above what Tivo offered (add skip, overlap recording and email alerts if recording will fail to mention some of the positives)

    Charles Vella