Frequently Asked Questions

IceTV creates its own TV Guide (EPG) for Free-to-Air television that is integrated with its unique, patented, recording software. When IceTV is combined with a compatible TV recorder (PVR) it enables discovery, easy recording and management of your recordings.

Our team manages the TV Guide (EPG) data throughout the day to ensure schedule changes are caught by our recording software and your TV shows are never missed.

IceTV’s aim is to enable you to record your favourite shows, and to help you discover amazing new content.  All you need to do is simply set them to record in the app or on the website from wherever you are. Never miss a good show again!

Our service is Australia-wide  in every state and region that has Free-to-Air TV received by an antenna. The EPG is held in our cloud servers and the TV recorder logs into our servers every 15 minutes or so (depending on the type of PVR) to update its EPG whenever schedule changes occur. This ensures your EPG stays up to date.

Any recording instruction you make is transmitted to our servers, either via the home internet connection or via your smartphone (if out of the house), and then picked up and set to record by your PVR when it logs in for updates.  Any programme schedule changes to a recording are also updated whenever the PVR logs in.

Recording requests for your favourite TV shows, are stored and saved in your account.  So if, or when, the TV series returns, it will automatically record, even if the show changes time slots or channel.  Any IceTV recordings you no longer wish to keep can simply be deleted via your smartphone or the website.

Once your recordings are set the apps and website have a personal section called “My Week” that neatly lists all your recording schedules for the next seven (7) days. This way you can  easily see all of your upcoming shows.

Yes it will need an internet connection.  All our TV recorders (PVRs) have that ability.

You will need an antenna connection as the TV recorder (PVR) only records free-to-air TV.

Simply choose the show in the TV Guide app or website and press the “Schedule new recording” button. This can be done via the app on your smartphone, or on our website. You can also use the TV recorder’s EPG on the TV screen which synchronises with IceTV’s  services.

You can download the app from the Apple app store or Google Play.  If you have purchased a PVR via our store you will have an email address and password so you sign into the app as an “Existing user”.  If you initially just want a free TV Guide app you sign up as a “New User”. The app mirrors all the functions of the IceTV TV Guide website. It connects to our servers via your home WiFi, or the telco network if outdoors, and sends your instructions to our servers and receives and displays the IceTV services.

That depends on the TV recorder (PVR) you purchase. Two tuners means two shows at once. Most let you record at least two channels of the same network at the same time on each tuner, so in theory that’s 4 channels across 2 networks.

IceTV’s EPG service will correct the changes so you won’t miss the show.

Even with an up to date program guide, tv shows rarely start on time. All our users set their TV recorder to add time onto every recording.  We advise 20 minutes at the end and 3 minutes at the beginning to capture a late finish or an early start.

If there are any upcoming recording failures due to, for instance, more shows being set than you have tuners to record them, then IceTV alerts you with a warning symbol on the TV Guide and My Week on the apps and website.  We also send an alert email that explains the problem, ensuring any errors can be fixed so you don’t miss a recorded show.

You could but there would be no benefit as we supply a free TV Guide via our website, iOS and Android apps. Our subscription only works with an IceTV enabled TV recorder or compatible recording software on a computer. See our Compatibility Guide.

Yes you can revert to the basic ‘over-the-air’ EPG like all other PVRs use.

Yes, log into your account on the IceTV  website, go to “My Account” and “Account Details” and choose “Close Account”.

Yes. All TV recorders (PVRs) have at least a 12 months guarantee period during which you can claim a refund.  IceTV will endeavour to support your complaint in every way possible. We are happy to refund all or part of your subscription should you wish to cancel.

Go to the “Help” menu on our website and select Customer Support where you will find answers to any setup or technical questions.

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