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Privacy Statement and Policy

 TV TV Australia Pty Limited, trading as ‘Ice TV’ acknowledge the Australian Privacy Act (1988, 2013 and Privacy Amendment {Notifiable Data Breaches} Act 2017). This Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy is intended to display conformance to those regulations.

Privacy Statement

TV TV Australia Pty Limited Trading as ‘IceTV’ is committed to safeguarding the privacy of IceTV subscribers online and we are committed to providing our customers with the best user experience possible with their digital free to air television viewing whilst ensuring IceTV’s services uphold and conform to the following principles which are:

  1. Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency
  2. Purpose Limitation
  3. Data Minimisation
  4. Accuracy
  5. Storage Limitations
  6. Integrity and Confidentiality
  7. Accountability

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, the following Privacy Policy, the practices of this website or your dealings with IceTV, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Should any formal written complaints be received we will respond in the first instance by contacting the person making the complaint and we will work with the appropriate regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any complaints that we cannot resolve directly with you.

Privacy Policy

Customer Information and Its Use

IceTV collects your customer information.  This includes your account information, contact information, service information, recording information, billing and audit log information.  In compliance with the principle of Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency we explain how we use customer information in detail below.

You provide IceTV with this customer information via an online form which you complete when you register your interest in our services or make a purchase through our online store.  By registering your details with IceTV you consent to the provisions set out in this Privacy Policy. We record this information in our database so we may notify you of any IceTV service updates, relative news or information about our services as necessary and to provide certain features of our IceTV service.

When downloading or installing IceTV applications that require IceTV to collect any of your personal information, you will be prompted to give your consent by actively accepting the Terms and Conditions specific to that IceTV recording service or software application.

  1. Account Information is obtained when you first set up an IceTV account by completing your registration details with us online, as mentioned above. IceTV uses your account information to first establish an IceTV account, provide you with the IceTV service and to provide you with the required software to run IceTV on your compatible device. It may also use this information to offer or inform you of new services when they are released and for any other legitimate business purpose. For example, IceTV may use your email address to notify you of any recommended software updates, critical version updates for your IceTV compatible device, a failure of a device to record as instructed and/or any new features/services that are available.

    Ice TV may also use your account information to notify you about upcoming promotions that might interest you.  You can opt in or out to receive these types of notifications when you first register an IceTV Account.  These settings can also be easily accessed, viewed and changed via the IceTV website by the customer at any stage by simply logging into the ‘My Account>Account Details’ section of the website and viewing or making any necessary changes.

    Currently IceTV customers can have up to five different IceTV compatible devices for each registered IceTV account in any one location.  IceTV customers with more than one IceTV compatible device registered under their IceTV account will result in the settings within the Customer Account Information applying to all of their devices.  This means that if a customer has elected not to be notified by IceTV for any purpose we will not be able to provide certain features across all of the IceTV compatible devices.  Likewise, if a customer has elected to be notified or has given IceTV permission to collect identifiable personal information by accepting the terms and conditions needed for certain IceTV smart recording features for one or their IceTV compatible devices, then IceTV will apply these settings for all of the devices registered with that customer’s IceTV account.

  2. Contact Information means information that allows IceTV to identify or contact you, including, for example, your name, address, telephone number and email address. Information such as your postcode by itself, whilst part of your address, is not contact information because your postcode alone does not allow someone to identify or contact you personally.
  3. Service Information means information necessary for IceTV to provide a service to your IceTV compatible device. These include the type of IceTV compatible device you use, the software and software version of that device, firmware version numbers, IceTV features used and the success status of the last attempted IceTV service update (connection between your IceTV compatible device and the IceTV servers and when your latest IceTV Guide data ‘fetch’ occurred).  This information is always transmitted to IceTV when your device regularly connects to the IceTV servers.
  4. Recording Information refers to information about the recording choices made by users of your IceTV account. IceTV uses your recording information to help ensure that your IceTV compatible device at home schedules and successfully records your TV programs.

    IceTV collects and aggregates your recording information so that it may provide useful features such as IceTV Remote Recording via an app or website.  If you elect to engage in some of IceTV’s recording services such as by scheduling a recording via the IceTV website or use of the IceTV smartphone app features you do so by choosing to accept the IceTV Terms and Conditions whereby you give consent for IceTV to collect and aggregate customer recording information along with any customer information needed in order to provide the service and/or fulfil your individual recording request; that is, information about recording choices made by you whilst using the IceTV Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to schedule TV shows to record, consistent with this Privacy Policy.

    Customers who elect to use these additional IceTV recording service features do so by allowing IceTV to collect their personal information and use it to provide the chosen services as well as for other legitimate business purposes such as conducting surveys and measuring audience levels. These IceTV recording service features are intended to maximise your recording and viewing experience and we have designed our systems to ensure that no identifiable personal information may be collected by, or sent to IceTV without your express consent. IceTV will not publicly disclose your identifiable personal information to third parties without your express consent.  Your recording information is kept by us for 14 days then deleted (seven days in the past and 7 days in the future for upcoming recordings).

    IceTV uses non-identifiable customer recording information to provide services such as the ‘Most Popular’ TV ratings, to develop reports and analyses about what TV shows, TV services, genres of TV our customers (as a whole or in subgroups) record.  IceTV may also use this non-identifiable customer information to promote and advertise other forms of content, to conduct research and for any other legitimate business purpose.  IceTV may disclose aggregated non-identifiable customer recording information, along with any reports or analyses derived from such information, to unaffiliated third parties including advertisers, broadcasters, consumer and market research companies and other organisations (Third Parties).

    IceTV Intends to add and make available new services in the future that may require further use of your customer recording information. However, at no stage will this identifiable personal information be made public without the consent of the IceTV customer.

  5. Billing and Audit Log Information refers to identifiable personal information that enables IceTV to fulfil your request to complete a transaction such as purchasing an IceTV subscription or to participate in a promotion. Audit logs are part of IceTV’s internal records related to your customer account listing all activity on your account, including subscription purchase history and email communications IceTV has made with you in relation to your account.

Purpose Limitation of your Identifiable Personal Information

Any information you provide to IceTV will only be used for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and will not be made publicly available.  IceTV may disclose your information in special cases where IceTV has reason to believe, in good faith, that the law requires or compels it, and subject to satisfactorily conforming privacy agreements; to local, state or federal government bodies or other third parties under certain circumstances such as in response to any legal action or for other purposes necessary to maintain services and improve our products and services.

Security of Your Identifiable Personal Information

In general, our systems and internal methodologies have been designed to help protect the privacy of our customers and we have established strict policies regarding the handling of identifiable personal information.

Our website and database have security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.  Please note, however, that no data transmission over the internet is completely secure.  As a result, whist we make every attempt to ensure protection of your stored personal information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you provide to us during its transmission and you transmit such information to us at your own risk.

When you contact IceTV by email regarding your IceTV account, IceTV compatible device or for information concerning the IceTV service, we may be required to ask you for certain account information in order to verify your identity or before accepting requests to change or alter your customer information.  We may choose to take these steps to help ensure that only you, the customer or a household member who knows your account information will be able to access or change any of your account information.

IceTV uses necessary methods such as encryption to secure any form of communication between your IceTV compatible device and the IceTV servers and to protect your customer recording information.  IceTV also uses widely accepted methods to secure information contained in our database including your personal information.

IceTV limits the use of customer’s identifiable personal information to members of IceTV staff who have a legitimate need to access this information in order to perform certain tasks, including customer service, technical assistance, information you of critical service and/or software updates, notifying you of sales or promotional activities, or aggregating account information or non-identifiable customer recording information.  However, you should know that IceTV cannot fully eliminate potential security risks as mentioned above.

Data Minimization and Storage Limitations

In accordance with the Australian Privacy Act, we acknowledge and abide by the rights of Australians to remove their consent to the storing or processing of their personal information and we comply with their right to have their personal information deleted from our databases if requested.

Customers who wish to discontinue using IceTV’s services simply need to log in to our website and choose ‘My account’>’Account Details>’Close Account’, then choose to delete and wipe all of your account details from our database. Alternately you may contact us by email and request IceTV to delete your account and customer information at any stage after you discontinue the IceTV service.  If you do so, all of your personal and account information will be wiped from our database.  Otherwise IceTV will maintain your general customer information for as long as necessary for business purposes or until you request us to delete it.

Customer Account Accuracy

Up to date customer account information is crucial to ensuring that the IceTV service works successfully and IceTV encourages customers to keep their details correct. To this end IceTV  makes it easy to quickly review and/or update certain information contained in your customer information by logging into the ‘My Account’ section of the IceTV website ( at any point in time. 

Other General Customer Information

Disclosure of general customer information to Manufacturing and Service Provider Partners and Contractors. In certain instances we may consider it necessary to disclose to hardware manufacturing partners and service provider partners certain account information of customers who have an IceTV compatible device made by that manufacturing partner or who receive a service from that service provider partner.  IceTV will also use contractors to assist in further developing the IceTV service, whereby the contractors may be given access to our database and customer information on an interim basis in order to perform their agreed services to IceTV.  IceTV has strict confidentiality and privacy policies in place that also reflect all the terms of this Privacy Policy as part of any agreement with a manufacturer, service provider or contractor to protect the privacy and identity of our customers.  Our partners and contractors are legally liable for any misuse, misconduct or action resulting in disclosure of any customer information.

Future amendments to this Privacy Policy may be required. As a result of future features and new software applications we may need to make amendments to this Privacy Policy.  We recommend that all IceTV account holders reread this Privacy Policy periodically in case we are unable to notify customers of all amendments made to this Privacy Policy.  In the event that we make a substantial and material change to our treatment of customer information, such as a change in the way we collect, use or disclose identifiable personal information, we will notify you of such planned changes and offer you the opportunity to alter your IceTV account settings if possible.

Technical problems can occur.  IceTV has taken significant steps to ensure that your customer information is never collected, used or disclosed by IceTV except as described in this Privacy Policy, nevertheless technical problems can occur.  If such a problem happens, we will take all commercially reasonable steps necessary to correct it.

Entire Agreement.  This Privacy Policy supplements any specific IceTV Terms and Conditions previously accepted by you and constitutes the entire agreement, and replaces and supersedes all prior agreements between IceTV and yourself the customer concerning the subject matters discussed in this Privacy Policy.  By registering an IceTV account and using the IceTV service with your IceTV compatible device you are signifying your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

9 March 2020