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(Bring Your Own Box!)

Save the cost of buying an IceBox PVR by repurposing a suitable spare PC and installing our free IceBox software including AutoSkip.

*Including free 30 day IceTV trial

Where can I find out more about IceTV's BYOB Solution?

IceTV’s IceBox software is based on the Libreelec software. It is currently based on version 11.

More information regarding Libreelec’s requirements and recommended hardware can be found at Libreelec Hardware for x86 recommendations

The IceBox BYOB solution is currently in BETA, so please aware of this. During this beta period we will only be supporting the x86 platform (other platforms will be added later). Currently we do not have a ‘legacy’ version available that supports nVidia graphics cards, if you wish to use the IceBox software on a computer with an nVidia graphics card then please let us know so we can gauge interest.

We also do not provide technical support for this solution, however all of the help articles for Libreelec can be used and we have a dedicated forum setup for questions at IceTV Forum – BYOB.

If you don’t have a remote control or TV Tuners for the computer you wish to use, these can be purchased below.

Installation instructions can be found at IceBox BYOB Installation Links

Some more information on the software powering the IceBox you can have a look at:

The Kodi Wiki –

The Kodi Forum –

The LibreELEC Forum –

Save on hardware with BYOB

*Plus get a free 30 day trial to all of IceTV’s services

To function the IceBox software needs an IceTV subscription.

Choose Two or
four IceTV tuners

Simultaneously record every channel of two networks per dual tuner​

Get our BYOB hardware

Before purchasing, please refer to our minimum systems requirements table below.


BYOB Hardware Features

BYOB Minimum System Requirements

IceTV's IceBox - based upon Kodi for the most flexible PVR

Use the IceBox to view your photos, videos, and more all in the one place.