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With the free IceTV app you can see what’s on TV for the week ahead, search for shows, set keywords and favourites, create your own personalised TV guide, and much more.

If you have a compatible TV recorder and want to use the app as a convenient way to experience the full power of IceTV, including its smart recording features, try out our service with a Free Trial.

Simply awesome

Simple to use, awesome features. One App to control it all.

Our app was developed to make using IceTV simple and enjoyable, it’s free to download and opens up the full power of IceTV on a smart phone or tablet.

Smart Guide

Access IceTV’s Smart TV Guide, anywhere* via the IceTV app.

Set your recordings using the IceTV app*

Whether at home, on the bus or on holiday overseas – never miss a show again!

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My Week

An easy way to see all the shows you’ve set to record, your keywords & favorites. All in one place.

See what’s coming up

Discover new and interesting shows using our app’s ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Recommendation’ features.

Find programs via keywords

No need to trawl through the TV guide. Search for your favourite genre, actor, or any word you wish.

Keyword recording

Keyword Recording allows you to set matching programs to either automatically record or view an alert within your IceTV app.

*Internet connection required